This is where you should answer the most common questions

Does his techniques only work for stylist, or will they work for other businesses as well? 

fiidnt Marketing's work speaks for itself, and will work for almost any type of business. If you understand your clientele, and you follow his techniques, and make a true effort in following these steps, you should see progress. Nothing is a guarantee,  it comes down to the old saying; "you only get out of it, what you put in".

We have over two decades experience in retail, sales, management and marketing. Don started tapping into the internet marketing world in 2006. He utilized Craigslist to increase brand awareness, profit and sales for his then company. Through Craigslist he brought the company's brand awareness to a whole new level.  He not increased his stores sales profits by over 50% he increased the sales from around the Berkshire Hathaway company. This eventually led him to test the Instagram world, he created @nothingbutpixies and @imallaboutdahair, who combined have over a million followers

His success made him leap and leave corporate world and start his own brand which eventually became Fiidnt Marketing

Now there may be some businesses that his program may not be a fit for, but you can always contact us to find out if we can help you grow your business.

How do I make an appointment to talk to fiidnt Marketing?

1. Send an email to with the following information:

A. Your Name.
B. Your Instagram (IG) Name.
C. Your Time Zone (Eastern, Pacific, etc...).
D. Your Phone Number.
E. The Email Address you wish to use for contact information.
F. Your Facebook Business Page Name, and whether or not it is linked to your IG page.
G. If you do not have a Facebook Business Page, why?
H. Which option are you interested in, please see the service page for details.

2. After you have sent all the information above, April (our assistant) will contact you with a date and time of the appointment. Please wait for this response email. We try to respond with in 5 days. This email will contain important contact and payment information.

3. Once you have received a confirmation notice in regards to your scheduled appointment, a payment of $99 is due with in 36 hours, and the final payment is due 3 days prior to your scheduled call. (Payments not received in time, may result in the appointments being cancelled)**.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You will need to text Don or Scott  (whom ever your call is with)  15 Minutes prior to your call to let them know that you are ready. 

**We do understand that circumstances do arise, and we will work with your as best as we can, but spaces are limited and the time slots fill up quickly.

What is our schedule like? 

We makes his calls from 7:30 am to 2 pm (All Eastern Time) Tuesday through Friday. Mondays, are set aside for classes, seminars, and trade shows that he is either presenting or attending or he may be traveling.

Don travels quite often in order to host classes or shows, but he is also a rabid Red Sox fan, so he likes to attend as many games as time allows. GO SOX

What should I expect with my phone calls with fiidnt marketing?

Depending on what plan you choose, the calls are geared towards both novice IG users and more advanced IG users. Example:

Option 1 includes three calls, One 30 minute call and Two 60 minute calls (call times vary, total call time,2.5 hours total). This is geared towards the newer IG user. 

The first 30 Minutes is an introductory call, where we find out who you are, including your work history, what your needs are, and what your expectations are going forward for your page and company. Plus you get some 'Home work" for your next two calls.

The next two 60 Minute calls includes evaluation of the "Home work"(a review of your page), more information about Instagram, Business Analytic, much more information.

Option 2 is a 1 Hour session for those who are well versed in IG, but are looking for new ways to tweak their page, because they do not feel they are meeting their full potential. Perhaps, looking for new ideas.

How do I make a payment for my scheduled appointments?

We use a program called CashApp. It is safe and easy and lets us know quickly when you have paid. If this is your first time using CashApp, make sure you use my code CLKMLLJ, and you will get $10 back when you send $50.

You can find Don's account by searching the following ways:

  1. $fiidntmarketing (No Spaces)
  2. Don's telephone number if you have it entered into your phone.

We will need your CashApp name to confirm payment has been sent.

We will also accept Paypal, but since they charge extra fees, a fee of $5 will be applied to the price of the option you have chosen. Our name here is:

What if I need to re-schedule an appointment?

If for any reason you need to postpone an appointment, please contact us in writing at, at least 48 hours prior to your scheduled appointment. We will do our best to reschedule your appointment at our earliest convenience, and will work with you to secure a new appointment, but we cannot guarantee as to which dates and times will be available.
Cancellations made with in 48 hours of your scheduled call will result in a 50% fee for administrative cost for the first time a call is cancelled, further cancellations will result in 100% fee imposed. These fees will need to be paid prior to your next call.  It takes a great amount of time to schedule all these appointments. So, please do your best to keep your appointment and be on time. Thank you

I am interested in taking a class, how do I find out when and where he will be holding classes, and how much do they cost?

We will have a list of classes listed on this website calendar and flyers listed on both Instagram and Facebook.  Class prices will vary depending on the venue and presenters. Prices will be listed along with the flyers. As for where, Don has held classes all over the country, in large auditoriums to smaller salons. So the venue changes, chances are he will be in your city soon.

Can I get us to hold a class at my business? 

We always welcomes new opportunities to hold classes, you will need to coordinate with Scott at He will coordinate with everyone in regards to scheduling and financial details.

How do I go about placing advertising on your pages? 

Any advertising done on our pages must meet the profile of the page, in other words, they must make sense for the market the page caters to. Advertising space will be limited, we will not inundate our pages with constant ads. Pricing will vary depending on the number of post and how long they will run for. You will need to coordinate with Scott at He will coordinate with Don in regards to the products and financial details.


What do I do if I would like to cancel Don's services completely?

If you want to cancel our services all together, the following is our return policies.
1. Refunds requested in writing with in 7 days of us receiving your down payment of $99, will be refunded completely minus $15 for payment services transaction fees (IE. CashApp, or Paypal). If you have paid for the services in full, the same rules apply.*
2. Refunds requested in writing after 7 days of us receiving your down payment of $99, up to 2 days prior to your first scheduled appointment, will be refunded 50% of your down payment, due to administrative and payment service transaction fees. If you have paid for your services in full, you will receive a full refund minus $50 of the initial down payment amount of $99.*
3. Refunds requested in writing with in the 2 days prior of your scheduled or after you have had your first appointment, will not be approved.**
All request for refunds should be made in writing to
*Refunds will take 5 to 10 business days to be processed, depending on which payment services you used to place your order.
**If you have not had your first appointment, you do have two options available to you.
1. You can transfer the sessions to another person, whom you think could benefit from these sessions.
2. We can hold your account as active for 90 days, to give your an opportunity to reschedule your appointments for a more convenient time frame.