The video in the link above was done by Joseph Lockwood of Baton Rouge, Louisiana while filming a class that Don hosted not too long ago. Check out his page @beyondmediabr


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                                Just a message about life..


It took me a lot of years to not be jealous of what others have in life. I realized in the end you are not judged by things, like money or items you've purchased. That stuff can't be taken with you.

I realized what is important, are the things that I feel and I can see. Love, friendships, inspiration, seeing history, spending money on education and not just Business. Its also taking the time seeing what is around me when i travel all over the country. Seeing what our forefathers built. Seeing buildings in Boston and New York that are 300 years old that today never would have been built because of permits, costs, and because they are more worried about the mighty dollar instead of something generations will remember. Living life to its fullest is my goal. I'm not worried about what kind of car I have, but more focused on who I inspired today.